Pay For A Research Paper Com – PAP) MEP Roza Thun – one of the persons whose images hung on the symbolic gallows – said during Saturday’s press conference in Katowice that MEPs are worried about their health and lives.

He also mentioned that competed three times in the election for president of Plock, but did not receive sufficient support. “I’ll hold clues voters who clearly show where is my place. I want to assure all my constituents that they do not fail, and that I will start, “- he stressed. According to Struzik, in the elections for councilors of the regional council Mazowsze “virtually every district should have one good candidate” with the PSL. “In cooperation with the structures of county choose the best of the best to represent the district. We want it to be a territorial representation. We do not want them to be people from importing from Warsaw, thrown somewhere on the list, just to feel each district to identify your candidate or candidate “- said Marshal.

Struzik declared that populists in Warsaw will exhibit a full list of their candidates for the council to improve the counting result of the previous election, and as a result of mandates to get there. “I must say that we have the list when it comes to council, 80 percent pay someone to write my research paper for academic credit. already prepared. It is more difficult to us in Warsaw, but also issue a complete list of the regional council, “- said the marshal, mention the” psychological barrier, which covers a very large cities “in the case of support for the PSL. He estimated the fact that the PSL in the capital almost every four years, “multiplies the result,” and in the recent elections to the regional council exceeded the threshold of 5 percent. “We were not able to get seats, but we will fight for it” – said the deputy head of the PSL. As stressed Struzik, in the case of elections for mayors and presidents of the PSL will evaluate the achievements of the Mazowsze region currently occupying the positions and depending on its results will determine whether their support. “We just evaluated the municipality after municipality, town after town. Where we assess that the current mayor, mayor, president of a well fulfills its functions, it does not rule out support for it, and even normal cooperation in the building of a letter to the municipal council or the city” – Marshal said. According to Struzik, although the PSL PO talks with, among others, on the candidates for the presidents, it is not excluded that in parts of cities Mazovia populists will put their candidates, eg. in Plock, and certainly will do so in Ciechanow where the president since 2014.

Krzysztof Kosinski, formerly a spokesman for the parliamentary club of the PSL. “we are talking to our partners from the PO. Here, rather, will go in the direction of positive competition, based on respect for mutual and better proposals, for example when it comes to candidates presidents, although I do not exclude that individual cities can have their candidates. Today, of course, not the I will give places and specific solutions, but we are when it comes to the PO, in constant dialogue “- said the deputy head of the PSL. On the question of whether tends now more towards supporting the PO candidate for president Plock – Start already declared belonging to the party and performing the post for two terms Andrzej Nowakowski – or issued there by the PSL own candidate, deputy head of the Populists replied “” more inclined to the indication of their (candidate – PAP). ” He added that in the case of presidential candidate Ciechanowa “the case is obvious.” “Krzysztof Kosinski is a really good president. He went there przebojowo obtained excellent results, also when it comes to the absorption of EU funds. We will absolutely continue this proposal and I believe deeply that Krzysztof Kosinski win “- said Struzik.

He noted that the candidates in this year’s local elections populists are talking also with the local communities.” We are the party of local government and the closest to us with local government niepartyjnymi. A lot of them are are our sympathizers or people with whom in a very pragmatic work “- he said. he added that they are” also those districts in which the foundation will be supported by our committees of non-partisan. “” This is the specificity of certain, because if for years, our activists competed with the election committee of voters is difficult now require them to be upartyjnili “- said Struzik. In such cases, he added, will be to implement the principle elements of the electoral program of PSL. (PAP) MEP Roza Thun – one of the persons whose images hung on the symbolic gallows – said during Saturday’s press conference in Katowice that MEPs are worried about their health and lives. Thun recalled that since the demonstrations has passed more than a year. Noting that speaks on behalf of other politicians whose images were suspended on the gallows stated that it was for them a symbolic act of murder, executions. “This symbolic execution of six MEPs, hideous words that were spoken here at our address, do not survive until any consequences,” – she said, Thun. She said that recently received information from the Katowice prosecutor’s office to extend the investigation into the 26 May. “May 26 is the day of elections to the European Parliament and I suppose that the term extension of the investigation up to that time is not accidental” – mowila.zobacz also Europoslance Roza Thun threatened with death, made a report to the police »In her opinion, the need to extend the investigation procedure prosecutor says “in a very foggy”, without giving specific reasons, citing the need for a comprehensive analysis of the evidence and the further operation. As argued, it has no relation to the statement of objections happening organizers, whose data are known and have been heard. “They walk among us with impunity, and the Members in respect of which were urged here to hatred may fear for their lives and health that will eventually some act of aggression cause them harm anyone,” – MEP said. “I wonder what would happen here if we do not hang images, opposition deputies, but deputies of the ruling party.

How to react to the prosecution if it were a person with a different political camp, and also that it went so terribly slowly. After all, we know that there were people who imposed the monument T-shirts and dabbed their doors immediately Their accusation that Frasyniuk led out in handcuffs at dawn from home “- she added Thun. “We are concerned also about our health, our lives and the fact that such acts with impunity are considered, this leads to encouragement to continue such actions” – assessed. “We are here because, to protest against hatred. This will spill over our country. It is like the venom that poisons our public life, social “- said at the conference, the head of the Katowice Jaroslaw Makowski. He argued that the city of Katowice is “free of nationalism, fascism from the dull, the city open, and Silesia is a region friendly.” As argued, there is no doubt that the happenings of 2017. Was open incitement to hatred. “MJE, Slonzoka from Katowice is Ganba that such lostudy to come here (me, Slazakowi from Katowice is a shame that there has been here for such ventures – PAP),” – he said during a conference MEP Marek Plura.

He added that all happened at the monument of Wojciech Korfantego who fought for it, so this part of Europe was in Poland. “But that’s not the Poland fought, in which there is no respect for the law, or there is no justice,” – he added. November 25, 2017 r. On the square of the Sejm of Silesia in Katowice, Korfantego monument, gathered dozens of representatives of the national. Assembly reported under the name “Stop the modern Trade Center.” The organizers hung on the symbolic gallows photos MEPs who voted for the resolution of the European Parliament ws. The rule of law in Poland. A few days later, the Katowice prosecutor’s office opened an investigation in terms of art. 119 of the Criminal Code.

It stipulates that “whoever uses violence or unlawful threat against a group of persons or a particular individual because of their national, ethnic, racial, political or religious affiliation or because of their lack of religious beliefs, shall be subject to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.” The European Parliament adopted in mid-November 2017. Resolution calling on the Polish government to comply with the provisions relating to the rule of law. EP expressed, among others, concern about the proposed changes in the rules for Polish judiciary, which “may structurally compromise the independence of the judiciary and undermine the rule of law in Poland.” The document was an appeal to the Polish Parliament the government to condemn the “xenophobic and fascist” March of Independence. MEPs voted against the resolution PiS, SLD abstentions, MEPs PSL did not participate in the vote. Most PO abstained, but the six MEPs endorsed the document. They were: Michal Boni, Danuta Huebner, Danuta Jazlowiecka, Barbara Kudrycka, Julia Pitera and Rosa Thun.

It nationalists their pictures hung on the gallows. National Movement activist Jacek L., co Katowice happening, testified on Friday in Gliwice court in proceedings concerning the dissolution of an association Pride and Modernity. Members of this association in May 2017. Participated in filmed by TVN celebration of the birth of Adolf Hitler. Ongoing proceedings are in Gliwice, among others, determine whether the association could break the law, promoting and glorifying Hitler’s Nazism. Jacek L. was co-founder and board member of the association DIN. He resigned from the membership after the issue Superwizjer reportage of TVN.

He did not participate in filmed by journalists Hitler’s birthday celebrations. According to the Ombudsman, cheers erected by the participants of the March of Independence could constitute crimes related to, among others, incitement to hatred or propagating fascist contents. A spokesman also pointed to aggressive behavior towards people march participants presenting password and use anti-fascist march during a pyrotechnics. Bodnar turned to po the commander of the metropolitan police inspector younger Andrzej Krajewski, asking to behaving controversially how many people were taken police intervention, such as. identification, detention, impose a fine. At the same time, the Ombudsman also addressed the police intervention against the anti-fascist picket participants, including – as pointed out – the arrest and detention for a few hours dozens of people and conducting operations on two of them. Therefore, the Deputy Ombudsman asked the commander Stanislaw Krajewski Trociuk clarification on the details of interventions, including on the grounds of detention. On Saturday, under the slogan “We want God” through the streets of Warsaw in March of Independence over – estimates the police – approx.

60 thousand. people. The marchers apart from Polish flags, white and red armbands with anchor Polish Fighting emblem of the National Armed Forces and the words “Death to the enemies of the homeland” were holding the banners, which bore such slogans: “All different, all white” or “Europe for whites only” . Warsaw streets that day also passed anti-fascist march under the slogan “For your freedom and ours.” The march was organized by the anti-fascist coalition “widespread conspiracy.” It is composed of several organizations, including Women Warsaw strike, collective siren and Polish citizens. Among the participants we could see the banners of other leftist and anarchist organizations and, among others Together Party, the Greens and the Workers Democracy. Law and Justice deputy head of the Interior Ministry announced that police committed to the earliest possible analysis of the content promoted during all meetings, which were held on November 11, at an angle prosecute offenders from office Article. 256 of the Criminal Code (eg it relates to the promotion of fascism or totalitarianism). (PAP) by Carolina Kropiwiec The government seems aware of this and was preparing to change the migration policy.

He appeared even the idea of ??green cards for the Ukrainians, to provide them with stable employment in Poland and the ability to download families. Changing migration policy was entered into for Responsible Development Strategy. Source: Official Legal Newspaper “Preparing the concept of a responsible immigration policy, targeted at the needs of the labor market and Polish entrepreneurs (particularly in sectors which recorded a deficit of labor supply), allowing at the same time maintain appropriate standards in the area of ??employment” is one of the objectives of the strategy to 2020.zobacz the year: SG: on Sunday, the Polish visa exempt drove 2,800 Ukrainians “But for now, work died. According to the competence of the Ministry of Interior is responsible migration policy, which puts the greatest emphasis on security issues, border protection and asylum policy. As for the impact on the labor market and looks at migration as a supplement to the adverse demographic trends, plays a decisive role resort development. According to our information, the two sides are waiting for the decision by the Council of Ministers.

The idea to establish a clear division and give the green light to prepare the two pillars of the strategy. When a decision is taken, it is not known. Meanwhile, the abolition of visas for Ukrainians EU may in the long run to encourage them to move out west from Polish. According to Prof.. Maciej Duszczyk yet there is no mention of a large outflow. – We have a liberal system in which they can work. The EU lifted tourist visas for them, so in other countries when the legality of obtaining employment risk entry ban for five years – says an expert on demography. Although the government is concerned that some EU member states will be tested during the first months of the presence of Ukrainians, and if found to be good workers, they can turn a blind eye on their hiring.

Hence, in the long run Poland, if you are thinking about supplementing shortages in the labor market workers from the East, it must change the model of migration policy. Today, the majority of Ukrainians working on an important statement half a year. Last year, they issued 1,250 thousand., While work permits only 116 thousand. The average stay of Ukrainian employee in Poland is five months. To enforce this statement to work for the same employer or work in the black. It can change another migration policy.

Professor Duszczyk suggests that the Ukrainians, who during three consecutive years have worked with us for at least 12 months in the forms of employment, which are discharged from taxes and contributions, the right to give a five-year stay. Later, the machine acquires the right of permanent residence. In a similar direction unofficial government ideas go green card. Such changes would encourage Ukrainians to pull families and settle permanently in Poland. Because migration from the East is one of the main ways to complement the demographic gap in Poland.

This is necessary, because even if the program 500 plus successful, the labor market will feel it only in the late 30th century.



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