Utah family members states son along with his bride that is new are Venezuelan jail

Utah family members states son along with his bride that is new are Venezuelan jail

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  • Laurie Holt’s son, Josh Holt, along with his bride that is new CaleNo, are thought to be held in prison in Caracas, Venezuela. Laurie Holt said her son went along to the national country to get hitched. A week ago, your family received A twitter message stating the few was at prison, accused to be spies. In Riverton, Tuesday, July 5, 2016. Mike DeBernado, Deseret Information
  • Josh Holt and Thamy CaleNo got involved in May. Holt visited Venezuela, where their fiancE everyday lives, to obtain hitched month that is last. Based on a news that is local posted on June 30, 2016, these people were arrested, accused to be U.S. spies. Family picture

RIVERTON — The Holt family has not heard from their son, Josh, since final week as he had been likely jailed in Caracas, Venezuela. They think he could be being accused and framed to be a U.S. spy.

“We have this ache within the pit of my belly, and my heart just seems hefty,” stated Laurie Holt, Josh Holt’s mother.

Her son that is 24-year-old traveled the nation on June 11 and married their fiancee Thamy Caleno. He met her online in ukrainian brides January, just days after he came back home from serving an objective when it comes to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She stated the two came across within the Dominican Republic in might, where he proposed. He travelled to Venezuela for the June wedding.

The two planned to attend on her visa before traveling towards the U.S. — an agenda that made nearest and dearest stressed.

“we had been similar to, ‘Absolutely maybe maybe not, you can’t get here. It is dangerous.’ We have seen every thing regarding the news, and then he simply, he don’t pay attention,” stated their mother.

Final the family received a Facebook message from his wife’s mother, stating that her daughter and Josh Holt were in prison week. The message had small details about the arrest but included a nearby news article in regards to the alleged criminal activity. You can find photos of weapons, a grenade, money, Josh Holt’s passport, charge cards and IDs allegedly obtained from the apartment in which the few was indeed residing.

“Oh, we knew, I knew,” Laurie Holt said. “whenever we saw that, we thought, ‘He’s been taken, he is been taken.'”

The household contacted the U.S. Embassy with little fortune. “They usually haven’t had the oppertunity to see him. (The prison) would not enable him site site visitors,” she stated.

Their new spouse’s family members has additionally been in touch with the Holts, delivering updates but in addition seeking clothes along with other things when it comes to guy.

“we have been being cautious,” his mother stated. “We have already been told to be ready; they’re going to ask you to answer for the money, therefore our company is waiting around for that to occur.”

Your family is having a time that is hard the entire tale, but officials in the U.S. Embassy are advising them to obtain a attorney. A GoFundMe account was put up under #JusticeforJosh to boost funds for appropriate charges.

Also in contact with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, whose workplace stated it really is looking at the arrest.




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